Fee Structure/ Starter Pack

Three easy steps to join our club.


Read through the general information as outlined in the form to the left (or above on mobile.


Print, complete and return the ENROLLMENT FORM when attending class, after having made the decision to join our club.)


Ask for a detailed invoice to ensure payment is correct as grading fees and affiliation fees only apply in some terms.

Here is the base fee structure, based on a 4-term year, running concurrently with the school terms for public schools.

Fee structure is based on one class per week, but no extra charge for attending additional scheduled classes.

SCHOOL CLASS            – 1 Hour per week at school and/or Junior classes at the dojo (5 TO 6 PM) – $ 150 per term

INTERMEDIATE CLASS – 1 Hour per week at the dojo (6 to 7 pm) and/or the Thursday 5 pm class – $ 170 per term

SENIOR CLASS            – 1 Hour per week, starting at 6:30 on Monday and/or Thursday – $ 200 per term

To download the printer friendly signup form click here